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Common competition information


The official bulletins:


Please see the preliminary event programme for a more detailed schedule.

Entries and payment

Entries will be open in IOF Eventor the 1st of August 2023. It is possible to enter one competition only (Sprint or Forest Competitions). Entries become valid only after payment of entry fee.

Registration guides:

Possible restrictions, other than age, according to IOF decisions.

Entry fees

Deadline Sprint only Forest only Both Sprint and Forest
31st of January 2024 120 € 130 € 160 €
30th of April 2024 140 € 150 € 180 €
30th of June 2024 170 € 180 € 220 €

All payments can be made via bank transfer or card payment.

Details of WMOC 2024 account

Name of the account: WMOC 2024
IBAN: FI49 4309 1020 1384 57
Owner address: Liedon Parma, Ajurintie 7, 21420 Lieto, Finland
Bank: Central Bank of Savings Banks
Bank address: Finland Plc Teollisuuskatu 33, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Changes and late entries

Changes made before 30th June 2024 are free of charge. Afterwards, the fee for a change is 10€. After the 30th of June 2024 late entries are not possible.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation before 30th of April 2024: 70% refund. A small handling fee will be kept for banking costs.
Cancellation before 30th of June 2024: 50% refund. A small handling fee will be kept for banking costs.
Cancellation afterwards: No refund.

The organiser reserves the right to cancel WMOC 2024 in the following circumstances:

Entries to WMOC must be done via IOF Eventor.

Punching system

Emit logo

The traditional EMIT card punching system will be used (no Touch Free EmitTag).

EMIT cards can be hired from the organisers by choosing this option in the entry form. The hire charge for the entire week is 25€ if booked in advance. Without pre- registration, the hire charge is 10€ for one day or 35€ for the entire week.

You can also buy a brand new WMOC 2024 ver. 6 e-card special limited edition that you can use when competing in other competitions like Jukola Relay. Buy your own from Suunnistajan kauppa (EU-residents) or Emit (Non-EU residents)