WMOC Emit Special Edition on sale in January

19 Nov 2023 - Maija Huhtala

WMOC 2024 ver. 6 e-card special limited edition for competitors registered for WMOC!

Special card deliveries to EU countries only. Cards for other countries are ordered and delivered from Emit As in Norway - www.emit.no The WMOC 2024 version is delivered in special WMOC 2024 layout. The Ver.6 eCard is compatible with all regular control units and eControls. The battery in the chip is not magnetic, and therefore does not affect the compass. The WMOC 2024 ver.6 eCard has a built-in light emitting diode (LED) that flashes for 5 seconds when punching a control. In addition, the ver.6 eCard has more sensitive electronics, which means that it is quicker to assure that the punching is correct.

When punching, the eCard registers the control code and current time. The eCard can store up to 50 split times. The times are stored internally in the eCard until it is reset on a starting unit. The Ver.6 eCard is active for 6 hours after the previous punching. It is recommended to replace the eCard when it is five years old.

Price 79,- EUR (includes VAT and delivery cost)

On sale in January 2024.