Reminder about Emit punch cards

10 May 2024 - WMOC info

If you use your own Emit, please check that your Emit number is registered. You can check that by searching your name in the entries list of your class. The Emit number should show in the right column. If not, read the instructions below.

To fill in your Emit number: Log in to Eventor. Go to calendar and search World Masters Orienteering Championships → go to change entry and / or services

Check your Emit number (“Punching card number”). If this is not correct, you can write the correct Emit number here. Then press next & save. You are done. The Emit number must be saved here, not in your IOF profile.

To rent an Emit card: Click the icon next to the “Punching card number” -field and rent the Emit card before 30th June (25 €). For those who rent an Emit card, the organiser will fill in the Emit number.

If you do not have an Emit card or you have not rented an Emit before 30th June, the organiser will reserve an Emit for you. In this case,the fee is 35 € and is paid when you pick up your competitor material.

For those who buy the special limited edition of the WMOC Emit card, remember to save the Emit number to your entry, or send the new number to

Regarding any changes to your Emit number after 30th June: please send an email to

Any changes to your Emit number during the Events cost 10 € and should be done in the Event Office.